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An open letter to anyone who feels their shyness
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If you've been suckered into thinking that you're destined to be a weak, shy, underconfident introvert who will never be "good enough" to get the attention and confidence you need to command the life of your dreams, then I've got some pretty good news for you, my friend...

You've been flat-out LIED TO!

You weren't born shy, you learned it... and it wasn't your fault!

You can "unlearn" the behavior patterns that lock you into a state of perpetual social anxiety just as quickly as you gained them.

As a Neurolingustic Programming (NLP) trainer, I've helped tens of thousands of people become the smart, strong, bold, confident, funny WINNERS you really want to be...FAST. In fact, in just a few minutes from now, I'll show you how you can re-train your brain to 'activate' the same winning traits found in the neurons of famous celebrities, high-flying Fortune 500 CEOs, and other strong, dominant, alpha personalities, to take charge, and get exactly what you want from life... starting today.

The change is instant, and success is 100% guaranteed. What's more, you'll never need to "practice", or muster the courage to throw yourself into social situations armed only with positive thinking, or other ineffective nonsense.

You've probably tried all that already, and we both know that none of that "new age" mental cheerleading really works anyway.

You'll simply be a brand new person... instantly, effortlessly and automatically... using scientific and proven psychological techniques that will destroy your "mental block" in seconds.... even if nothing else has worked before.

I want you to imagine the most confident person you know. Chances are, they...

Why? Because confidence is infectious. Everyone wants to be around a social winner... they light up the room, make everyone feel great, and send the signal that they're the boss.

I know you really, really want to be that person... and in just a few moments, I'll show you how to "transplant" those personality traits directly into your own mind... so you can be!

It's not even your fault that you feel this way right now.

How do I know?

Because, like millions of people alive today...

You've been BRAINWASHED by society
to feel shy, awkward and introverted!

I'd wager that, as a child, you were constantly told "Don't talk to strangers!"... right?

You were punished if you spoke in class, at the dinner table, or while the 'grown ups' were talking... correct?

Your constant obedience was demanded by parents, teachers, authority features, your boss... even into your adulthood.

If these habits were drummed in to you during the formative years of your life... your mind has done the SMART thing and listened. That's what humans do. It's completely normal for you to feel like this. You're not "odd" - millions of people do the exact same.

It's not you at fault... it's social programming!

So you're NOT to blame that "other people" have instilled shy, introverted behavior in you. They encourage you to keep tight-lipped, and not step out of line! Yet, paradoxically, society REWARDS the high-flyers of society who dare to do exactly that... the people you'd kill to be like.

Can you see how dumb other people can be sometimes?

The good news is... you can rid yourself of this illogical behavior... and FAST!

By applying my easy NLP techniques, I'll show you how to gain the unstoppable confidence that allows you to...

But, how can any of this really be possible?

I mean... that's probably the exact opposite to how you feel right now, correct?

You're the guy who cowers in the corner... who avoids all confrontation... who thinks of the funnier thing to say hours later, when you're on your own. You let people walk over you... agree to other peoples' demands... and hate to express yourself, for fear of society chastising you.

You so desperately want to be more confident... you KNOW it's inside of you... but that seems a million miles away, right?

Well.... wrong!

The answer lies...

In your cerebral cortex!

Think of the last time you were a little drunk... I bet you felt at least a little differently, right?

The chemical formula that makes up alcohol doesn't contain any 'personality enhancing' ingredients... it's not like there's a chemical formula for confidence!

It simply blocks nervous signals in your cerebral cortex... the area of your brain that has "learned" shy, introverted behavior. As a result... you immediately do things you'd never dream of doing in your regular, everyday life... like talking to strangers, hitting on members of the opposite sex, or expressing yourself on the dance floor!

But obviously, alcohol has its downsides. It blocks your nerve signals all over your body, making it harder for you to walk straight, judge distances, and speak without sounding slurred. It heightens your mood, and limits your response to danger. And what's more... if the people around you aren't drunk too... you won't win any friends!

What if you could train your brain to safely and naturally block the "inhibition" centers of your brain... without pills, drugs or alcohol... even when you're stone-cold sober?

What if you could be the fun, happy, outgoing, ambitious, positive person you might feel after a couple of drinks... every single day... without hitting the bottle?

It's actually very easy to do... but most people don't have a clue how to "unlearn" bad habits or behavior patterns.... let alone install effective new ones.

That's why I've partnered with certified, world-leading NLP practitioner Christine Golden to create a simple, easy to follow AUDIO COURSE that guides you through the simple exercises you can perform immediately... to obliterate inhibitions and negative self-image issues... and project your most confident poise INSTANTLY.

It's so simple that...

You just strap on the headphones... hit "play"... and SERIOUSLY rocket your confidence in just 80 minutes!

Using the very latest in Neurolingustic Programming (NLP) techniques, we'll safely help you "re-program" your deepest thoughts and personality traits while you sit back and relax in your favorite chair. No effort required... this works even if you think you're not someone this kind of stuff normally works on!

That means...

Literally, hit play... follow the simple mental exercises... and you'll be ready to rock any social venue in just 80 minutes time!

Unlike ineffective 'therapy' sessions, other people will comment on the positive difference in you from the VERY FIRST session. Listening one per day for just a couple of weeks will cement your newfound confidence for life.

Here's what you'll uncover inside the Extrovert ME! audio course:

The question is...

How much is it worth for you to TOTALLY change your life and become the confident, natural extrovert you've always wanted to be?

Research by Edward C. Brewer, an associate professor in the Department of Organizational Communication at Murray State University, shows that on average... CEOs of the Fortune 1000 typically display high-end extrovert personalities.

And according to Mercer, the base average annual salary of a Fortune 1000 CEO is $995,000.

That's 19x higher than the majority of households in the United States earn!

And it's not just money.

Obviously - confidence plays a HUGE factor in your success. Confident people get better jobs... better relationships... and the attention of the most attractive members of society.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by suggesting how much this is worth to you. Some of that you can't even put a price on.

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Bradley Thompson

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