Here's Why You Should Listen to Me -
And the Story of a Groundbreaking Course
That Will Turn You Into an Extrovert, OVERNIGHT.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Bradley Thompson.

I'm a best-selling author of over thirty self-development programs, founder of the Self Development Blog, and creator of the million-copy Subliminal Power app. My experience as an authority with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be seen in programs such as the NLP Secret and the Ultimate NLP Course.

I've helped hundreds of thousands of individuals increase their mental agility, improve their lives, and become significantly happier. My corporate clients include many of the world's most admired companies including Microsoft, AT&T, IBM, and FedEx.

And, TODAY, I'm delighted to introduce a revolutionary NEW program designed to help ANYONE of ANY AGE unleash the inner EXTROVERT and lead the wonderful life an Extrovert enjoys.

The name of this new program? Extrovert ME!

You know, the millions who have benefitted from my work are aware that I'm extremely fond of this quote from George Eliot...

"It is never too late to become what you might have been."

And during the research and development phase of the Extrovert ME! program, it became increasingly clear that this was never more TRUE than when dealing with your personality.

The Extrovert ME! course uses the powerful, proven principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help reshape thought patterns, and turn introverted behaviour into EXTROVERTED behaviour.

It's a program that helps to truly shift your deepest "shyness" and turn you into one of the warm, glowing individuals that puts everyone at ease.


But creating a program like that isn't easy. You need to pool the greatest talent available, for the most POWERFUL results. For this, I went straight to the best - teaming up with world-leading, certified NLP practitioner, Christine Golden.

The result?

A program I personally guarantee will turn even the most 'glued to the wall' Introvert into a vivacious Extrovert who can light up a room with their TOTAL CHARISMA. So let's ask the question:

"How Can I Learn to Become an Extrovert?"

Every single day, we all act and react to the world - according to the way our subconscious minds view it.

Our past experiences and beliefs have moulded us to behave in a certain manner. We have rules that have built up over time, and always act according to those rules.

That's why one person may see a crowded social function as an incredible opportunity to meet new people and have a great time - while another sees it as a scary, gut-wrenching event that will only cause them embarrassment.

Using NLP, you can change these underlying rules.

Using a series of simple yet incredibly potent techniques, you can literally "reprogram" the brain - changing your MODEL of the world and how you react to it.

The Extrovert ME! program works by doing just that - using a few simple "brain hacks" to permanently shift the way you see the world, and bring out your inner Extrovert!

It uses the MOST POWERFUL NLP techniques, helping to "remap" negative associations and inhibitions in social situations - and ROCKET your confidence, strength and security.

And the effects are PERMANENT, too.

It works for ANYONE, ANYWHERE and of ANY AGE.

All you need is the ability to sit down and play a few simple "mind games" - and you'll be amazed at how QUICKLY the Extrovert inside unveils itself!

Here's How Becoming an Extrovert Will
COMPLETELY Transform Your Life,
in TWO Very Major Ways...!

There's no doubt about it. Becoming one of those vibrant, fun, outgoing, exciting, lively individuals will undoubtedly have a serious impact on your life:

Research shows that Extroverts move ahead in the professional world. Introverts shift toward staying rooted in a dead-end job.

It's this simple: Learn to become an Extrovert (which you can) - then earn more and work less.

Look around the room the next time you're at a social gathering. Who is having the most fun? The wall-flower cowering in the corner, or the 'life of the party' Extrovert?

Again, the Extrovert has LEARNED how to become an Extrovert. At one stage, they were the wall-flower, and then they were moulded into becoming an Extrovert.


Who else wants a totally new life? You could...

Psychologist Lorenzo Stafford from the University of Portsmouth (England) proved that extroverted people are the most creative thinkers. Dr. Stafford said his results showed personality plays a vital role in creativity.

"Extroverts are likely to be more successful," reported an article in one of London's leading newspapers, The Independent. The article was the first to reveal Dr. Stafford's research, which he published recently in the highly respected scientific journal Personality.

The business world and academia are CONSTANTLY looking for creative people with energy and drive. In other words, EXTROVERTS!

PLUS: How Your EXTROVERT Skills Can
Boost Sales, And Rocket Family Life Happiness!

In the business world, everyone is selling something.

And unsurprisingly, studies have shown that Extroverts are THE BEST when it comes to 'selling' anything.

Whether it's making a presentation to a large group, selling person-to-person, or just speaking on the telephone - studies have shown that people are SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to buy from an outgoing person who is always enthusiastic and 'switched on.'

In the professional world, even with all the technology available, companies place a massive value on people who can sell and persuade. When you become an Extrovert, you will be able to sell just about anything to anyone. And your value in the workplace will skyrocket.

This workplace positivity has a domino effect elsewhere, too.

You'll become happier with your family life. At family gatherings, you will be the one who steps up to a favourite relative to say, "That apple pie you're baking smells wonderful!” -and you'll be the one who makes everyone feel totally at ease.

Psychological studies have also shown that Extroverts have better home lives. Why? Because they are happier in their professional lives. They come home happy and invigorated.

Does this all sound like something that appeals to you?